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Short Description

- Package name: Introduce Package

- Viet Nam Domain and hosting (Gold) - Medium news website.

1. Description:

The image, the layout of the web is artistic, rich in expression, essence to the right lines to show your product as well as promote image for the business itself.

2. Feature:

Viet Nam Domain and hosting (Gold)

Data automatically.

Layout interface according to customer's preferences, style in the field of activity.

Bilingual (automatic translation).

Content management standard CMS.

If using hotel special package will be donated hotel management software

3. Standard Interface Style Package:

Interface layout

- Presented according to the requirements of the page layout of the customer or use the template style interface is designed according to the standard package Style.

Banner advertising on Website + Link Website + Banner event:

- Flash animations (text effects, animated buttons, image effects ...)

- Static image or photo slideshow.

-Banner flash animation.

Slideshow or photo gallery at home + SlideShow in subpage (quantity 1):

- Demonstration of images provided and requested by customers

4. Standard function of Style Package:

Function Showcase presents products and services:

Showcase is a flash presentation.

News presentation function

- News is presented in the style of electronic newspapers.

- Embed video

Module present the latest news, highlights:

- News presented as image + text.

- Image + text with dynamic display (script, marque ...).

Product Function:

- Product introduction in the form of news + photo library.

Photo library:

Simple or professional flash photo gallery.

Built-in widgets or common functions:

- Embed video, music from other sites (youtube, zing movie, zing mp3 ...).

- Weather forecasts, exchange rates, stocks, gold prices.

- Module search information.

- Simple contact form.

- Online support (chat Yahoo, Skype ...).

- Rating function poll.

- Statistical Functions - Hit Counts.

- Functionivity statistics are online.

In addition, the company has some additional support functions for customers aimed at: "webiste design can increase profit for your business"

After sale

- Promotional banner design.

- Take pictures at the event and write content.

- Design banner according to the process of holidays.

- Consultant registered with the Department of e-commerce procedures (for pages with order function).

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