Shopping Package (Joomla)

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Short Description

- Package: Shopping Package (Joomla)

+ International Domain Names

+ Hosting - Silver Plus

+ The main function is website sales

Detailed function

+ Introduction to shops, businesses.

+ Introduction to business

+ Product introduction

+ Describe the sales process

+ Presentation of payment method

+ A description of the shipping process and the mode of return

+ Installment purchase procedures (if applicable)

- System function

+ Order

+ Update price, display the price and discounted price (if applicable)

+ Show more related products

+ View details in many ways, zoom in, zoom out

+ Upload the accompanying product video (if available)

+ Online payment via credit card.

+ Order Management

+ Notify when order is available

+ Manage the quantity (the quantity imported into the system before the sale).

+ Support SEO keywords on google

Note: System sales websites other than the website management system sales

Website sales Website managerment sales

- System design according to the company's model.

- Can not change the designed function

- Sales function only sales and payment.

- The web system does not have a "report and statistics"

 - The website management system is designed on request.

- Allowed to change the sales process.

- It has all the same functionality as the website sales

- Especially: the system has the function "report and statistics"

- Management is similar to inventory import

(Gói website này có thể tham khảo tại gói Code theo yêu cầu)

  In addition, the company has some additional support functions for customers aimed at: "webiste design can increase profit for your business"

After sale

- Design promotion banner according to customer's content

- Take pictures at the event and write content.

- Design banner according to the process of holidays.

- Consultant registration procedures with E-commerce (for pages with the order function)

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