Management of Rice Varieties

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Making it easier to manage, more efficient than software is the best way to do it. Warehouse management software was created for that purpose.

Management of rice seed stock:

Warehouse code: production or commercial.

Rice: rice code, rice name, supplier, price, details.

Type of rice: Confirmation (export) or original (NC).

Depreciation: self-acceptance.

Quantity, date of warehousing, expiry date.

Provider: Supplier code, supplier name, address, ID.

Customer: Customer ID, customer name, address, tax code, ID.

Enter the following: Automatic importation code, eg: PN0000000, supplier, stock code - rice name - type of rice, export code, import date, expiry date, import price, money, paid, owed.

Collection voucher: logo and name of company information, the name of the receipt, information of the goods.

Out of stock: export inventory code automatically increase eg: PX0000000, warehouse code - name of rice - type of wheat, customer, date of export, quantity, selling price, money, paid, owed.

Exit ticket: logo and name of company information, name of the coupon, sales information, buyer and date of sale.

Receipts: receipts, customers, money, collection date, notes, buyers and sellers.

Payment slip: payment slip, reason for payment, amount, date of payment, notes.

Inventory: Warehouse code, rice code, rice name, quantity, import price, money.

Reporting: by day / month / year to date / month / year

Warehouse report: rice name, input quantity, depreciation, sales, inventory.

Accounting report: information of inventory report, revenue, debt.

Support: logo, company name, address, telephone number.